heal & reveal the highest version of yourself

hi, i’m kaylyn and i am here to assist you on your journey back to your authentic self. along with reiki and other healing, i bring my intuitive gifts to help you uncover blockages and accelerate your journey on all levels. whether you are looking for a reading, healing, or lessons on conscious topics, you can expect a professional, meaningful and effective experience that will excel your growth and expand your evolution.

the big picture

my larger dream and mission is to co-create “new earth” which is more of a state of being than a destination. it is the embodiment of sovereignty, unconditional love, high vibes & much more. 

with that, i am always interested in connecting with others aligned with that vision and interested in contributing to or living in a sustainable community in arizona. this dream is in the making and your donations allow my vision to come to fruition.

if you’d like to support my work and new earth vision, please  pledge as little as $2/month on patreon or make a one time donation on paypal. infinite gratitude for supporting my work & mission!



empowerment as you awaken and rise

all offerings serve as soul activations and are intended to bring forth inner wisdom, transformation, clarity & remembrance aligned with your highest outcome

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carol, texas

kaylyn’s gifts and passion for her mission shine like nothing i have witnessed. her spot-on intuitive reading started a fire inside me.

aaron, new york

her readings are as good as the best therapy sessions i’ve had. she gave very intuitive and spiritual advice.

lola, mexico

kaylyn is an excellent teacher for what’s transpiring now with the collective awakening…and with a sense of humor. highly recommend.

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do you believe in miracles?

i didn’t until the moment i healed myself.

transforming false beliefs, old patterns, self-doubt and unworthiness into forgiveness, self-love, inspiration and authenticity is a miracle. stepping into your true self is a miracle. embodying wholeness is a miracle and if i can do it, so can you.

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“make no mistake, great change is seeded by conscious dreamers who understand and know they are co-creating the much larger dream.”

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