love from our happy clients.

“kaylyn & kaylyn is truly a gem! following a friend’s recommendation, i went to kaylyn to have her shed light and bring clarity to areas of my life. i didn’t know what to expect from my first tarot reading, but my inner voice told me that i could trust kaylyn. her presence was warm and comforting. her guidance during the reading was clear, masterful, and thought-provoking with vibrant reflections of truth. it was undeniable and illuminating! kaylyn, without a doubt, is very insightful and i’m pleased i was able to walk away with a renewed sense of direction and hope. ever since the reading, i’ve felt more grounded and focused on what i need to spend my energy. i highly recommend embarking on a path with kaylyn and experiencing the gift she has to share with the universe.”

nina, arizona

“i’m so thankful our paths crossed and i have been able to experience such amazing guidance from kaylyn! she came into my life at a pretty tough time and through her readings i was able to find so much clarity and comfort. i have had reading before that never really resonated with me. every reading i have had with kaylyn has been amazing. working with kaylyn you can see and feel so much passion! every reading i have done has brought me an overwhelming feeling of comfort. in addition to the reading she recommended some crystals that i strongly believe have allowed me to remain in this calm and graceful state day after day. one of my favorite things is that after the readings she provided me a document highlighting the important things that came through. this is so helpful to reflect back on and remind my self. kaylyn’s gift it’s undeniably healing and i strongly encourage everyone to find spiritual healing through kaylyn!”

somer, montana

“so here’s the deal! i was connected with kaylyn by chance through a mutual friend. In a time of reflection, there was an opportunity to use her spiritual craft to enlighten myself and become better aware of my surroundings and path. it wasn’t just the tarot cards themselves, it was her energy and approach coupled with her innate desire to aid in this journey we call life. A feeling of calmness overcame me with heightened awareness after my first session. i was sold and went back for a repeat reading and can attest it wasn’t a fluke. ability is one thing but passion is another. use her purpose for yours!”

dominic, arizona

“kaylyn & i had connected via instagram a few months ago. i instantly resonated with all her posts and felt we were very much of the same mindset. when i saw she was offering her services to do readings, i did not have to think twice about reaching out to her. she responded near instantly and we organized to connect within a few short hours. to say the timing was impeccable would be an understatement! not only has kaylyn got a strong powerful gift, it is her beautiful, gentle expression of the same which sets her apart. she has such a peaceful, fun-loving energy which made my reading even more enjoyable. i’ve benefited hugely from this reading, with all that came up resonating greatly with my current life situations. i could not recommend her more and am so grateful that the universe has conspired to connect us.”

rachel, ireland

“a friend of mine had connected with kaylyn and passed her number to me because she knew that i would love her and that i do!! i was able to chat with her a little prior to our session and connected with her instantly. she is so passionate about what she does and has such pure intentions it’s truly beautiful. i felt so at ease during our session and my overall experience was so personable, i loved it! kaylyn individualizes the experience based on what you need and I was so thankful for that. It left me feeling more light and airy than ever before afterwards. there were so many aspects during our session and conversations that were like lightening bolts to my heart! i am so thankful the universe put her in my life because she is a true beacon of light. whether you’re just dipping your toe in or fully awakened, she is your girl. kaylyn is gifted with a heart of pure gold.”

syndee, arizona

“kaylyn rocks these card readings!! she’s on point, makes you super comfy (pretty important for this type of thing) you can feel her compassion but she “cuts to the chase” when needed. i told her and i’ll tell anyone who reads this, she is worth her weight in gold. you will not be disappointed and make an awesome new soul sista to boot!!! my only complaint is that i didn’t do this sooner!!!!”

kelly, west virginia

“i was very skeptical of tarot card readers because of bad past experiences but kaylyn pleasantly surprised me. she blew me away with a quick reading when i first met her while performing as a clown. she saw past the outer persona and costume and delved deep into who i truly was. i was so impressed that i met with her several times for more in depth readings, which were as good as the best therapy sessions i’ve had. she gave very intuitive and spiritual advice,
and followed up with tools for living and overcoming obstacles in my life.
i highly recommend kaylyn as a spiritual advisor.

aaron, ny

“this is the second card pull reading i’ve gotten from kaylyn. it’s my form of therapy…i long since left the conventional models of psych and talk therapy. i enjoy my spiritual guides so much more. kaylyn is very direct and clear in her methods. she’s well versed in translating the cards and she’s not afraid to encourage you to do some shadow work or illuminate the short comings that may be holding you back. we all have blind spots. i look for other perspectives to shine the light on mine…that’s how i grow and improve. i opted for a vid reading that i can go back to again, she was spot on in many ways. i’ve been following her on ig for a while and i like her very present clarity. she’s an excellent teacher for what’s transpiring now with the collective awakening…and with a sense of humor. highly recommend.”

lola, mexico

“i got the ancient egypt alchemy reading and the sacred power reading with 5 card tarot spread…. i am in tears. they spoke directly to what my situation is. i literally gave kaylyn zero information on what is going on because at the time i asked for them there was not much that was “up”. now that the messages are in my inbox there were a few questions i had and these readings were so on point!!! i am in tears 😭 so grateful for the insights! it was as if she was in my thoughts in the moments right before i was reading and listening. the ancient egypt reading affirmed me in such a powerful way. i can only explain it as being “seen” by the universe🙏🏽”

nereida, california

“i was fortunate enough to find kaylyn at the beginning of my spiritual journey!! not only was her reading, “a breath of fresh air” that eased some of my personal ascension questions and experiences, but the way she was, and is, able to use her gift makes me feel “normal”, when things were and are all new to me. you’ll feel her positive energy through your first interaction!!! i’m happy to have her here along this beautifully, wild journey 🥰♥️!”

jill, new jersey

“kaylyn’s gifts and passion for her mission shine like nothing i have witnessed. her style, authentically, humor, cussing (when warranted!), and spot-on intuitive reading started a fire inside me. a couple weeks later i booked a soul empowerment reading and that’s where so many activations happened!”


“kaylyn is an incredibly gifted intuitive. she confirmed and solidified what i already knew and felt in my heart and soul. it gave me the courage to do what i had been holding myself back from.”

carol, california

“i wasn’t sure what to expect for my first official reiki healing. but once i felt kaylyn’s warm, welcoming energy, i wasn’t nervous anymore.”


“during the healing, i could feel her working on me, especially on my heart chakra. i had the biggest smile that i just couldn’t help it was very relaxing and could feel the difference.”


“the real surprise was what she told me after. she blew me away with just how accurate she was. she confirmed things that i knew but wasn’t sure of. her intuition is spot on!!”

megan, california

“a deep, actionable, spirit based reading. offered great insight into several specific questions i have been pondering. thank you so much kaylyn!”

brad, texas

“first off, kaylyn is super down to earth. i randomly came across her page while searching for ascension tarot readings. i had gone through a big breakthrough that blew my mind to the core, so i had to get a reading for support. everything she channeled was exactly what i was currently going through/transitioning into. great messages. i felt much better after. her live readings on instagram are da bomb!”

cynthia, pennsylvania

“kaylyn went above and beyond for my reading. the way the interprets cards and explains their meanings is nothing short of incredible, and her flow is easy to keep up with. she is patient in explaining her practices to make sure we had the same intentions for the reading, and even followed up with me afterwards to see if i had any questions. i would definitely recommend this to anyone who’s in need of a powerful message!”

jain, pennsylvania

“wow! kaylyn is amazing! she was spot on and so chill and laid back and nice! she makes you feel so comfortable 💗 i received a galactic reading and a tarot reading for myself, my boyfriend one of my friends and all of it was so spot on!! everyone has been so impressed and blown away by her accuracy and her bomb ass energy! i highly recommend her!!”

kandice, california


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